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At we have partnered with a select group of respectable and trusted Robes, Pajamas, Slippers and more online stores that are based out of Canada or offer safe and reliable online shopping for the Canadian Shopper. Our Online partners have a great selection of Flannel pajamas, pajama pants, pajama sets, animal slippers, and bunny slippers for women, men, children, toddlers and infants. Once you see an item you like you will be directed to our partners online store where you will deal directly with them so their will not be any additional charges on your order.

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They say that we should spend about one third of our lives in bed to stay healthy, so it makes sense to be well dressed and comfortable when you’re there. And now that we’ve passed the middle of summer and we’re beginning to head towards the cooler days of fall and the even colder days of the Canadian winter, a lot of us are starting to think about staying warm in bed. But whether you want some shortie pajamas to stay cool on summer nights or whether you are on the hunt for some winter warmers, you can find what you want for the whole family when it comes to pajamas, robes and slippers in our online catalogue.

Because we get to be our private selves in the bedroom, in a number of different ways, choosing bedtime apparel is a very intimate business. Only our closest family members get to see us in our pajamas so this is one place where you can express your personality and your sense of humor to the maximum. The world knows that you’re a sharp business man/woman or a tough outdoor type, but in the comfort and privacy of your bedroom, you can indulge in something more whimsical – even if you’re a big tough guy with size 12 feet, you can fit those feet into fun, cute slippers. Who says you have to be a grown up all the time when you’re alone or relaxing with the family? No matter how old you are, you’re never too old for fun!

When it comes to whimsy and humor, we love the animal slippers, which come in sizes to fit all the family. Instead of buying Dad boring old slippers for Father’s Day or his birthday, why not get him slippers shaped like dragons, penguins, platypuses, wolves or turtles? Our online catalogue does have more traditional men’s slippers as well, as well as the super-warm bootie type of slipper, but why feel limited to these? Women and children will love the novelty slippers as well, but women might also like the thong slippers (great to wear for a girls’ night in that involves pedicures!) and the pastel/floral prints. And when it comes to children’s slippers, the range is so extensive and some of the designs are so cute, you might want your toddler to wear their slippers all day.

But sometimes, especially if you’re an adult, you might want something a bit more sophisticated to wear in the bedroom. If this sounds like you, then you might want to have a look at the range of boxers (for men and women), which offer comfort and a bit of sensuality as well. Or get humor and a bit of cheekiness in one outfit with some of the fun men’s boxers. Everything presented in our catalogues is tasteful and the sort of thing you’d be happy for your grandma to see you browsing, but a few items in the catalogue could become firm favourites (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Don’t forget to have a look at the robes as well – the kimono robes might just be your thing.

Our partner’s range of robes also comes in fun styles, sophisticated styles and sassy styles. For fun, why not get the entire family Christmas-themed robes so you can share Christmas morning in comfort and style together? The terrycloth robes are real winners, as they are comfortable enough for around the home but smart enough to go places, such as the spa or the beach, as a cover-up. We love the toddler pajama/robe sets: perfect for snuggling up for bedtime stories.

The range of robes and slippers we have available is pretty extensive, but it pales beside the range of pajamas in our online catalogue. Whether you’re male or female, old or young, big or small, you can find pajamas in a style that suits you and your tastes – from cute pink skeleton pajamas for infant girls to wear to a Halloween party to traditional plaid-print men’s pajamas and everything in between. You’re sure to find something that makes you smile in our catalogue of pajamas.

We know that the range of sleepwear is huge, so we have done our best to organise our catalogues so you can find the styles you want easily. And because we are all about making the experience of shopping online easy for people throughout Canada, all of the merchants whose products we list ship to anywhere Canada without any hassles and we’ve vetted each of them carefully for quality and reliability.

We want your online shopping experience to be as comfortable and fun as the pajamas in our catalogues. So grab a mug of hot cocoa and settle in while you browse and have fun shopping.

Please Note: Robes Pajamas provides their visitors with a wide selection of different items. However, each of these items is shipped from a different merchant. This is where you will be directed when you click on the item and go to cash out. For further shipping and cashing out instructions, please refer to the website that you’re brought too. We hand pick all of the merchants that we work with to ensure that they’re reputable, but also that they provide our Canadian shoppers with the best deals. We do receive a small commission in return for having customers come to them through our website, but they also provide great prices. Some items might be shipped from the US and come in US currency.